The Festival for Electronic Arts in Reykjavík took place in Reykjavik on the 21th – 28th of May 2022. That year’s edition was in collaboration with Tómas Manoury and the Intelligent Instrument Lab.

Saturday 21st of May

Wednesday 25th of May

This event is supported by Miðbæjarsjóður

Thursday 26th of May

Friday 27th of May


Raflosti 2021

Frutería las Granadas

José Luis Anderson, Freya Dinesen, Snorri Beck Magnússon

Interactive performance using fruit as sound controllers, with background video projection and backing track



Hlutskipti – Decompartmentalization

Kári Guðmundsson, Guðlaugur Hörðal Einarsson, Daniel Örn Heimisson, Ana Luisa Diaz de Cossio

Decompartmentalization | Hlutskipti is a work that incorporates visual and audio elements that highlight the workshops from the different departments at LHI. This work explores the compartmentalization, separation and lack of collaboration that we have experienced between the departments. By combining audio and video from all the buildings, we create a reality where everybody exists together.



Life and Death of Pawns and Friends

Jónína Alfreðsdóttir, Óskar ใor Arngrimsson, Khetsin Chuchan og Jóhannes Patreksson

We recorded a chess game and had assigned notes to each checker and rules to each chess piece for certain effects which would trigger by the choices made in the game. The video was recorded and edited by Khetsin- it’s a video and audio art piece.



Zoom Call from Hell

Robin Morabito, Starri Holm, Stefania Palsdottir, Torfi Tomasson

An experience where you feel anxiety during the worst zoom call of your life.

CLICK HERE FOR LOGIN INFORMATION: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1WS-gmjAEvntQ4TQnqc-eJoqMhz1kYAXT8n20Pb4Hs3o/edit?usp=sharing


Glupsk is a band that makes music, sometimes with instruments, almost always with a computer. Sometimes there are three performers, sometimes more, and sometimes they are not present in the space they are playing in.

Glupsk er hljómsveit sem gerir tónlist stundum með hljóðfæri, eiginlega alltaf með tölvu. Stundum eru þrír hljóðfæraleikarar en líka stundum fleiri og stundum eru flytjendurnir ekki í rýminu sem þeir eru að spila í.

Web Page: https://glupsk.bandcamp.com/


Josh Wilkinson and Joseph Burgess


NRA is a carpet revolution currently taking place in Brisbane, Australia spearheaded by multi-visionary artist Joseph Burgess/Unregistered Master Building. Footsoilders of the movement include fellow artist Joshua Wilkinson and members of the KEPK art space on the south side of Brisbane.

NRA’s recent work utilises a carpet tufting gun to reflect scenes of unrest in Joseph’s hometown of Portland, Oregon. Portland is has been a pivotal city in the BLM movement since the murder of George Floyd. Each night as police and protestors have clashed on its streets downtown has become reminiscent of a warzone. With monuments set on fire, molotov cocktails, and fireworks illuminating the streets of the city. Boarded-up buildings frame the current tension between armoured federal agents and masked citizens. These events are personal to me as I experienced police brutality there in 2009. My work around this topic aims to re-stage my angst about that experience and the city’s current circumstances by re-interpreting these images in a new way using the mechanical process of the tufting gun.


I hate fireworks 

Audio/Visual Performance 
Tufting Gun, Canvas Frame, Scaffold, Audio,
 Duration 5 minutes   
A tufting gun is both loud and aggressive in its application of yarn onto a canvas surface. It’s designed to quickly produce carpet. This project disregards its traditional use-value to instead utilise it as a symbolic tool to render images of unrest in Portland in a very potent and disarming way. The performance involves a live carpeting viewed from 360 degrees and consists of a projector projecting an image onto a canvas surface placed on a scaffold structure. From behind the scaffold I retrace the image using the tufting gun.
My tufting gun is fitted with piezos (ceramic disk that translate surface pressure to voltage) that triggers amplified audio samples. The samples include field recordings from Portland protests collected by friends on the front line and sound bites from mainstream media. (see support material video). These samples are selectively triggered by each pulse of the carpet gun creating a pulsing cacophony of sound to accompany the ‘appearance’ of a ‘protest’ image in carpet.
As mentioned, the current circumstances in Portland are troubling for me. This project, in particular its performance, aims to not only restage images of the social unrest but to reconcile the tensions that exist within and in society at large. The re-representation of images in carpet has the curious potential to ‘soften’ their impact while remaining significantly potent and disconcerting (through its very ‘gun-like’ nature) to infer/reinforce the already existing tensions that are present not only in the USA but in many parts of the world.


Lee Lynch

Lee Lynch’s YouTube Folk Anthology is a selection of songs by artists whose music is exhibited and proliferated on YouTube. The project is inspired by The Anthology of American Folk Music, a six volume set produced by Harry’s Smith (1923-1991) a New York based experimental filmmaker who had been collecting folk music and field recordings since he was a teenager. For Raflost’s 2021 edition Lee has created a limited edition set of vinyls for his Volume One edition “Songs of Affirmation and Unrequited Love”, a collection of favorite tracks that he and his fellow artist Christian Cummings have discovered on YouTube over the last decade. The vinyls are in an addition of 5 with covers that feature handmade artwork of a still from Harry Smith’s unfinished 35mm collage animation The Tin Woodman’s Dream. On Sunday at 15:00 at 12 Tónar Lee will be giving a talk on the project as well as screening the videos from the songs featured on the album.

Raised in Redding, California, Lee Lorenzo Lynch (1980) has been making films and art since the age of 13. He holds a BFA in Film from California Institute of the Arts and an MFA in Fine Art from the University of Southern California. His films have been exhibited at FIDMarseille, International Film Festival Rotterdam, Full Frame, The Viennale, Tribeca, and Sundance.

Ella Fleck

Ella Fleck (www.ella.zone) is an artist and writer living and working from Derbyshire U.K. Working often with people, performance and sometimes digital tools, she thinks about different ways to nurture social practice and play in a digitally dominant world. Ella co-founded and is facilitating DARP (Derbyshire Artist Resident Program – www.darp.media). In 2018 she co-founded 650mAh in Hove, U.K (www.650mah.com). She has written for Frieze, Art Et Al and Dazed. Ella is also 50% of @ellaandJaana on OnlyFans, a digital self portrait playground that she updates semi-regularly with Jaana Kristiina Alakoski. She currently spends her time drawing, roleplaying, writing and making small browser projects.

After running Dating Sim as a one-on-one performance game on zoom, Ella has adapted Dating Sim to be performed as a role-play love poem between her, her computer and an audience.

Litten Nystrøm

Titel :

Several Simultaneous Sensations
Live video performance exploring sensation and memory materialized in layers, shapes and frequencies.


Litten Nystrøms work often crosses media and genres, to define a space where object, space and actions overlap. The result can be characterized as subtle manifestations addressing ongoing interventions between time, circumstance, matter and consciousness, positioning matter and image as restless forms with fleeting properties. Concepts and dialogues often developed on site, materialize in works and assemblies that are both happenings and tangible compositions in one.


Aleksi Jaakkola

“Cross-section” / Aleksi Jaakkola / 2021

The cross-section is a visual journey that dives into a Pear by cutting edge observations. Layer by layer this investigation seeks out an understanding of the fruit.

The cross-section is a performance, video, documentation, a journey from minimal to complex. It has happened and happening now.

 about  Aleksi Jaakkola  // video, sound, performance, feedback video, installation //



Egill Sæbjörnsson

Egill Sæbjörnsson’s video installations consist of real objects, projected video images, often self generative and combined with arduino technology, and sound. He has also a large bulk of work in both performance and music writing. His work can be perceived as a technological continuation of painting and sculpture. Recently curator Hans-Ulrich Obrist described them as an augmented reality work without using the glasses. Egill’s Sæbjörnsson’s work often make us confused and surprised and leads us to pose ontological questions, doing so in a way that both he and we enjoy. His works are known for their lightness and humour and are of an experiential nature, often requiring neither instructions nor education in order to be understood, yet with an underlying seriousness and thought. In his book Stones according to Egill Sæbjörnsson he proposes the idea that art is a species that coexists with humans in symbiotic way. The relationship between what is called mind and physical reality is of great importance in his work. And how emotions, fantasy and reality connect. In 2017 Egill Sæbjörnsson represented Iceland at the Biennale Arte 2017 in Venice, where he let two imaginary friends, the 36 meter tall, people eating trolls, Ugh & Boogar, take over the exhibition concept. His public art piece for the Robert Koch Institute in Berlin is the first permanent, self generative video installation in an outdoor space in Germany. Last year he was nominated for the Ars Fennica Art Price in Finland. Egill Sæbjörnsson studied new media at the Icelandic College of Arts & Crafts in Iceland 1993 – 1997 and in Paris VIII StDenis from 1995 – 1996.

Idun Isdrake

With a background in game design, film directing and archaeology, Isdrake has covered the span of human and technological development, learning from the past to diversify the future through creative actions. Isdrake is also the founder of the game innovation lab Collaboratory and the game art gallery Epic Unidragon.

Researching the bias in technology and solutions for equity, empowerment and freedom of diverse identities is at the core of their work, currently focused on cyborg art, metaverses and body modifications as voice.

Isdrake will give an insight to their work and open up for dialogue and collaboration with the participants.


Atli Bollason

„Eins og raftækjaruslahaugar heimsins bera vitni um þá hlaðast vonir gærdagsins upp allt í kringum okkur. Það væri fávísi að afskrifa allt sem þar liggur í nafni herskárrar hugmyndafræði sem krefst eilífs vaxtar. Þess vegna heillar skapandi notkun úreltrar tækni mig. Það er ekki sökum nostalgíu heldur því úrsérgengin er tæknin loks frjáls undan upprunalegu hlutverki sínu. Hún er öðru fremur vettvangur leikgleði, tilrauna og fegurðar, með afskaplega takmarkaða möguleika til að þjónusta efnahaginn. Þar búa róttækir möguleikar hennar: hún hafnar gildismati fjármagnsins og reynir að skapa merkingu eða hughrif úr því sem er verðlaust.“

Atli Bollason er listamaður og nautnaseggur sem býr í Reykjavík.

Hákon Bragason

Hákon Bragason graduated from Iceland University of the Arts with a degree in visual art in 2019 and has since held private exhibitions, participated in various projects and regularly participated in group exhibitions. He mostly works with interactive installations, virtual reality and mixing of craftsmanship, machinery and digital parts. The fundamental factors in his works are mostly based on the position of the individual versus the surroundings, experience and perception.

Hákon Bragason útskrifaðist úr myndlist frá Listaháskóla Íslands vorið 2019 og hefur síðan þá haldið einkasýningar, tekið þátt í ýmislegum verkefnum auk þess að taka reglulega þátt í samsýningum. Hann vinnur aðalega með gagnvirkar innsetningar, sýndaveruleika og samblöndun handverks, véla og stafrænna þátta. Grunnþættir verka hans byggjast aðalega á stöðu einstaklings gagnvart umhverfi sínu, upplifun og skynjun.

SÚL_VAD (Ásdís Birna Gylfadóttir & Ragnheiður Erla Björnsdóttir)

SÚL_VAD is an ongoing collaborative project between visual artist Ásdís Birna Gylfadóttir (1993) and composer Ragnheiður Erla Björnsdóttir (1993).

Growing up together in a small town in Iceland, their friendship, passions, interests and ideas were shaped by the freedom of their natural surroundings as much as they were influenced by the limitations of their environment. The duo’s unique way of collaborating and creating work together, while living in different countries for the past 6 years, has led to multiple different projects. Their artistic collaboration began when they created the audiovisual performance Ymur, premiering at the European audio and art festival Tut Töt Tuð in the Netherlands in 2017. Since then, their work has been presented at various exhibitions and events in Sweden, Austria, Iceland and The Netherlands.
Their work is experimental and observational, using video and audio as a means to collect information and material as well as communicating ideas to each other – resulting in interesting installation works and performances where the two mediums blend together. It explores the relations and opposites between the visual and the auditory, the natural and the superficial. It focuses on the seen, the heard, the felt elements of the world around us and gives new perspectives and roles to borrowed natural elements. Taking inspiration from the visible and hidden world of Icelandic nature, the contrast between human nature and nature, the weather and stories from their grandparents, amongst other things, each work is an autonomous result of their collaborative research of various perspectives and topics important to the artists, including social issues, human behaviour, and the spiritual mind to name a few.





Awakening is grasping,
is rising is becoming.

A single word has multiple meanings. Round and around, a constant circular movement. A circle has no beginning, no end. The Earth keeps moving around the Sun.


Resisting is noticing,
is trying is digesting.

Silence is the loudest with no one around. Our surroundings shape us and restrain us. The mind reacts and the body acts.


Imitating is observing,
is attracting is connecting.

A single emotion is far and near. Thoughts connect us and thoughts separate us. We learn from doing, from seeing, from hearing, our senses are tools leading us through.


Repelling is pushing,
is forcing is exploding.

No reaction is right, no reaction is wrong. Nobody has full control. We are nature and nature is us.


Raging is punching,
is struggling is objecting.

A single feeling has multiple explanations. Eye contact is human contact, connecting and disconnecting. Frustration is a force.


Accepting is surrendering,
is complying is resting.

A single word has multiple meanings. Round and around, a constant circular movement. A circle has no beginning, no end. The Moon keeps moving around the Earth, round and around.




Dancers: Gabriel Marling Rideout, Marikki Nyfors, Sóley Ólafsdóttir.
3D scans by Arna Beth.

About the work:

Helio is an audiovisual installation piece. The visual part of the work is a result of graphic notation research by visual artist Ásdís Birna Gylfadóttir. Through a collaboration with dancers Gabriel Marling Rideout, Marikki Nyfors and Sóley Ólafsdóttir, she has developed a unique dance notation system inspired by topographic maps.


The performance embodies the eternal cyclic movement of existence, inspired by the Earth’s orbit with the dancers moving in a constant circular movement. Containing six chapters, each can be described as a layer, where a layer is represented by a word from the text accompanying the work. Each word describes the movement of the layer they are paired with and every layer gradually adds to the story. The audio is controlled by the same words, creating a mystical and elusive soundscape by composer Ragnheiður Erla Björnsdóttir.



The Festival for Electronic Arts in Reykjavík will be taking place in experimental art performance space MENGI and record shop/culture center 12tónar on the 13th – 16th of May.


All events are free, but to support the festival you are welcome to buy a “RAFLOST Stone” for 2000 krónur.  For sale in Mengi.

Thursday 13th of May

Friday 14th of May


Saturday 15th of May

  • 15:00 TALK : Embodied Empowerment – Cyborg Implants as Musical Instruments: Mengi
  • 17:00-19:00 Exhibition in Mengi and Skólavörðustígur 22b
  • 20:00 PERFORMANCE Evening : Mengi + broadcast to 12tónar

Sunday 16th of May

  • 15:00 YouTube FOLK Anthology TALK and Barbecue : 12 tónar




Raflosti 2020 consists of four collaborative web art projects by students of Iceland University of the Arts.


when time passes by where does it go?

  • Brenda El Rayes
  • David Iñiguez Mangado
  • Ísidór Jökull Bjarnason
  • Páll Cecil Sævarsson


Vallery Gallery

  • Alvar Rosell Martin
  • Gustavo Nicolás Villanueva
  • Óskar Þór Arngrímsson
  • Þórunn Dís Halldórsdóttir


Immersive Birthday Party

  • Elvar Smári Júlíusson
  • Karl Magnús Bjarnarson
  • Maciej Waleszczyk
  • Nökkvi Gíslason


Comprehensive Wildlife Cyber Conservatorium

Gunnar Gunnarsson

Gunnar Gunnarsson myndlistarmaður

Fæddur í Reykjavík 1949 Ég kynntist myndlist snemma, þar sem faðir minn rak Listvinasalinn (Ásmundarsal; nú Listasafn alþýðu) á 6. áratugnum. Fjölskyldan bjó á neðri hæð húsins en sýningarsalur var á efri hæð.

Ég hef alla tíð haft mikinn áhuga á list og listsköpun.

Fyrir tuttugu árum hóf ég að stunda skipulegt myndlistarnám m.a. í Myndlistarskóla Reykjavíkur og Myndlistarskóla Kópavogs. Ennfremur dvaldi ég í Portúgal um nokkurra mánaða skeið, starfaði þar með myndlistarmönnum og tók þátt í sýningum.

Síðan hef ég verið virkur myndlistarmaður.

Um nokkurra ára skeið rak ég sýningarsal, Gunnarssal, á Þernunesi og sýndi þar bæði eigin verk og annarra. Þar voru meðal annars sýndar myndir úr safni foreldra minna, mestmegnis geometrískar afstraktmyndir frá sjötta og sjöunda áratugnum.

Ég hef orðið fyrir miklum áhrifum af Ásmundi Sveinssyni og listamönnum úr „Septemberhópnum“ sem voru tíðir gestir á heimili foreldra minna.

Þrátt fyrir strangflatauppeldið, leitast ég við að mála lífrænar og flæðandi myndir, sem leita út fyrir rammann. Lifræn munúðarfull form vilja ekki hverfa þrátt fyrir einbeittan vilja.

Hið litríka tilfinningalíf listamannahópsins, sem ég kynntist sem ungur, varð síðan að öllum líkindum kveikjan að því að ég las sálfræði og hef starfað sem slíkur. Áhersla mín á því sviði hefur verið frjáls líkamstjáning og hvatning til að örva sköpunargáfuna.

Ég tek þátt í starfi Grósku, félags myndlistarfólks í Garðabæ, og er stjórnarmeðlimur þar. Ég hef tekið þátt i samsýningum utanhúss og haldið fjölda einkasýninga í galleríum, á kaffihúsum og öðrum stöðum, þar sem fólk kemur saman.

Ég mála myndir í olíu, akrýl, geri skúlptúra og hef einnig spreytt mig á grafík og blandaðri tækni.

Ég hef haldið fjölda námskeiða í líkamstjáningu og losun tilfinninga, stundað listmeðferð og unnið með lífefli, Gestalt-tækni , Cranio og Aikido. Ég er virkur í félagi Ellidjarfra MR inga. Ég lít á list sem lífsnauðsynlegan þátt í þroskaferli einstaklings og virkni þjóðfélagsins. Sköpun heldur skaparanum ungum.