Raflosti 2021

Frutería las Granadas

José Luis Anderson, Freya Dinesen, Snorri Beck Magnússon

Interactive performance using fruit as sound controllers, with background video projection and backing track



Hlutskipti – Decompartmentalization

Kári Guðmundsson, Guðlaugur Hörðal Einarsson, Daniel Örn Heimisson, Ana Luisa Diaz de Cossio

Decompartmentalization | Hlutskipti is a work that incorporates visual and audio elements that highlight the workshops from the different departments at LHI. This work explores the compartmentalization, separation and lack of collaboration that we have experienced between the departments. By combining audio and video from all the buildings, we create a reality where everybody exists together.



Life and Death of Pawns and Friends

Jónína Alfreðsdóttir, Óskar ใor Arngrimsson, Khetsin Chuchan og Jóhannes Patreksson

We recorded a chess game and had assigned notes to each checker and rules to each chess piece for certain effects which would trigger by the choices made in the game. The video was recorded and edited by Khetsin- it’s a video and audio art piece.



Zoom Call from Hell

Robin Morabito, Starri Holm, Stefania Palsdottir, Torfi Tomasson

An experience where you feel anxiety during the worst zoom call of your life.

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