Ella Fleck

Ella Fleck (www.ella.zone) is an artist and writer living and working from Derbyshire U.K. Working often with people, performance and sometimes digital tools, she thinks about different ways to nurture social practice and play in a digitally dominant world. Ella co-founded and is facilitating DARP (Derbyshire Artist Resident Program – www.darp.media). In 2018 she co-founded 650mAh in Hove, U.K (www.650mah.com). She has written for Frieze, Art Et Al and Dazed. Ella is also 50% of @ellaandJaana on OnlyFans, a digital self portrait playground that she updates semi-regularly with Jaana Kristiina Alakoski. She currently spends her time drawing, roleplaying, writing and making small browser projects.

After running Dating Sim as a one-on-one performance game on zoom, Ella has adapted Dating Sim to be performed as a role-play love poem between her, her computer and an audience.