21st – 26th of May 2012

IAA, Visual Art Building, Laugarnesvegur 91, Reykjavík

Students from the Iceland Academy of the Arts apply through the IAA office.  Students from schools connected to the DAMA network (dance and media art) and professional artists of all genres can apply for participation (


ECTS units:


Learning outcomes:
During the course, the students will:

  • Produce an interactive work of media art in collaboration with students of other art forms
  • Develope skills in mixed media outside of their own expertise
  • Gain experience of working with other artists
  • Document multimedial art work.

No formal prerequisites are made.  The workshop is meant for students of any kind of real-time art, for example music, dance, video, visual art, experimental theater, media art etc.  The course is also inspiring and useful for educated, professional artists.

On the first day, students create an instant assignment of an interactive performance piece.  On the second day, students give micro-presentations which they have prepared on a certain artist, art work, tool or an artistic element that has influenced that particular student.  After that, groups are formed, so that each group contains a divers range of talents and interests, and then the groups start to work on the final project which will be performed at the end of the workshop.  Teachers assist the students and give consultation and directions.  Students are encouraged to attend events connected with the RAFLOST festival, among others a lecture of Steina Vasulka.  In the end, a final documentation and description of each of the project is handed in.

The final project (preperation, collaboration, performance and documentation) is evaluated to 70%.  Attendance is 20% and micro-presentation 10%.

Workshop coordinator:
Áki Ásgeirsson

Various artist connected to the RAFLOST festival.

Content and methods:
Students work independently in groups for the final project.  The goal is that the students combine their different talents and skills to create an art performance that utilizes the collective resources of the group.  Students will be presented with different tools for creation of electronic art and different ways of connecting art forms.  The teachers should aim to provide a stimulating environment for fruitful collaboration and independent work.

Micro-presentations, sketches and documentations of final performance will be uploaded to the Raflosti webpage to provide information to the participants during and after the workshop.  Students must seek other information independently according to the nature of their projects.  Basic audio/visual/technical equipment is provided by the IAA.


  • 19th of May: RAFLOST opening evening – Steina Vasulka – recommended for workshop participants
  • 20th of May: 15:00, Opening of Student Exhibition, Interactive Electro-mechanical Art
  • 21st of May: Workshop starts at 13:00, Iceland Academy of the Arts, Visual Art building, Laugarnesvegi 91
  • 22nd of May: Micro-presentations 10:00-14:00
  • 23rd of May: Meeting with everyone at 9:00, Start work on final project
  • 23rd of May: Artist Talk – Steina Vasulka, Reykjavik Art Museum at 14:00
  • 24th of May:  Meeting with everyone at 10:00 and review at 15:00
  • 25th of May: Meeting at 10:00 – Final performance at 20:00
  • 26th of May: Clean-up and documentation 10:00-12:00

Application procedure:
Send mail to explaining your motivation to participating in the workshop. The email should include a short CV.