Sigrún Harðardóttir

Gaia in action. This work is Juxtaposition of shots from the volcanic eruption on Fimmvörðuháls Iceland from april 4th 2010. Here the creativity of Gaia (Mother earth) is in the center, drawing attention to the painterly quality of… Read More

Dennis H. Miller

Echoing Spaces (2009) is an nine-minute composition for single-channel video and stereo audio. The work explores a number of virtual environments in which the primary elements recur (echo) both in immediate succession and at different times throughout the… Read More

Ninna Þórarinsdóttir

Ninna Thorarinsdottir is a designer from Akureyri currently living and working in Reykjavik as a graphic designer and illustrator. Graduated with a BA from the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2006. Since her graduation project (Limbus) she has continued working… Read More

Björk Viggósdóttir/Þorbjörn G. Kolbrúnarson

Reverse Memories Memories mediate between images and sounds. Old experiences are abstracted to create new. Memory becomes reality. In her general practice Björk Viggósdóttir deals with visual images, emotions, sounds and sensations in a similar way to what… Read More

Jesper Pedersen

Brautarholt Rímix (2011) Audio, video and candy The piece is created with support from the Danish Arts Foundation. Performance: Katie Buckley

Guðmundur Steinn Gunnarsson

Páll Ivan Pálsson

Fire It’s hot Páll Ivan is born in the year nineteeneightyone, is educated and active.

Hallvarður Ásgeirsson/Áslaug Gunnlaugsdóttir

Áslaug sings Áslaug is autistic woman living in Hólaberg in Breiðholt. Shesings a lot, especially in the evening, and loves music and going toconcerts. I recorded samples of her, and cut pieces together. Hallvarður Ásgeirsson is born in… Read More

Áki Ásgeirsson

294° for Halldorophone and mixed tuba/trombone. Performed by Ingi Garðar Erlendsson and Sandra Snæbjörnsdóttir.

Madelyn Byrne/Lily Glass

Arrival Madelyn Byrne, composer Lily Glass, video artist In this piece travel serves as a metaphor for self-discovery, or its opposite – distraction. The sounds of travel and introspection – including traffic, trains, planes, breath, rain, and voice… Read More

Aldo Rodriguez

La vida en un Suspiro – Life in a Sigh This work is a visual point of view about life and about living in the northwest of Mexico where the drug dealers rules the way of life of… Read More

Lilián Pineda De Ávila/Halldór Heiðar Bjarnason

La Casa Adentro (The House Inside) La Casa Adentro is an audio-dance installation where the choreography is seen through the ears as an intent of a synesthetic experience for the audience. The dancers were recorded with a Binaural… Read More

Lilián Pineda De Ávila/Halldór Heiðar Bjarnason/Areli Marmolejo

Destriplamiento This video-dance project started in 2009 with a funding from the National Funds for Culture and Arts of Mexico. It is filmed in Mexico and inspired by the last words that the Argentinian poet Alejandra Pizarnik wrote… Read More

Kristian Larsen/Norm Skipp/leyton

An Aversion to Light [2] Short experimental dance film collaboration Experimental film collaboration across contemporary dance, video art and sonic art. Initiated by Kristian Larsen, An Aversion to Light [2] began as an innocent attempt to compose arbitrary… Read More

Dennis Miller/Moon Young Ha

Amorphisms for video animation Amorphisms is a continuously evolving sequence of images that are unified by means of a recurring color palette. The musical score imposes an emotive quality onto the images and guides the overall dramatic curve… Read More

Emmanuel Mailly/Zakaria Haythem

AIRE DE WERNICKE Mailly Emmanuel (Sounds/France) Zakaria Haythem (Video/Tunisia) Leroux Sandrine (Reader/France) Area of Wernicke is part of a triptich from the collaboration of two artists. Haythem Zakaria uses generatives images which follow the music scored by Emmanuel… Read More

Bret Battey

Sinus Aestum (2009) For computer-realized video and 4-channel sound Sinus Aestum (Bay of Billows) is a smooth, dark lunar plain articulated by threads of white dust, like the tips of flowing waves. Drawing from this image, the sound… Read More

Matthew Dotson/Bart Woodstrup

Song Cycle for Haruki Murakami Audio: The impetus of this work was four quotes out of Haruki Murakami’s novel “The Wind-Up Bird Chronicles.” The intention was to create a kind of pseudo-narrative out of just these four quotes;… Read More

Lara Bank/Clay Chaplin

One Minute Los Angeles is a collaborative project combining field recording and photography. Photographer Lara Bank and recordist Clay Chaplin have been trekking throughout Los Angeles documenting one minute of time in everyday environments. The idea is to… Read More

Clay Chaplin

Side Effects is a series of short audio-visual improvisations that utilize feedback loops where the audio and video signals influence the abstraction of each other creating an infinite palette of performance possibilities. Clay Chaplin is a composer, improviser,… Read More

Anders Monrad/Simon Bækdahl Nielsen

”ERVAX for 2” is an interactive art piece by composer Anders Monrad and Designer Simon Bækdahl Nielsen. We call it both a game and a compositional tool, because even though it looks and plays a bit like an… Read More