Dennis H. Miller

Echoing Spaces (2009) is an nine-minute composition for single-channel video and stereo audio. The work explores a number of virtual environments in which the primary elements recur (echo) both in immediate succession and at different times throughout the piece, always in varied form. The visual imagery employs a number of similarly shaped elements that appear in overlapping, morphing configurations, and the restricted color palette helps maintain a focus on the primary objects. The music of Echoing Shapes was created using a variety of modern techniques including convolution and physical modeling. The quasi-tonal context adds an additional layer of continuity to the work.

Dennis Miller is currently on the faculty of Northeastern University in Boston where he teaches courses in electronic music and mixed-media composition.  Miller is the founder and artistic director of the Visual Music Marathon (, an ongoing program that includes screenings of works by filmmakers from around the world. His music and artworks are available at