The Raflost+Pikslaverk festival is taking place in Reykjavik on the 14th – 22nd of May 2010.

All events are free of charge.

  • Friday 14.5, 10:00-17:00, Systematic Understanding of Music – SUM, IAA Visual Art Building
  • Friday 14.5, 20:00-22:30, Concert – Lars Graugaard & Tímahrak, Útgerðin
  • Saturday 15.5, 14:00-17:00, Arduino workshop – Hakkavélin, Útgerðin
  • Saturday 15.5, 21:00-22:00, Dance, Music and Electronics – Hnoð, Kópavogur Computer Music Studio and others, Útgerðin
  • Monday 17.5, 12:30-13:30, Radical Computer Music – Goodiepal, IAA Visual Art Building
  • Monday 17.5, 16:00-16:45, Interactive Cinema – Chris Hales, IAA Visual Art Building [Postboned]
  • Monday 17.5, 17:00-18:00, Max, Arduino, Maxuino – IAA Students, IAA Visual Art Building
  • Wednesday 19.5, 16:00-16:45, Interactive Cinema – Chris Hales, IAA Visual Art Building [New time]
  • Wednesday 19.5, 20:00-21:30, Píanóraftónlist – Tinna Þorsteinsdóttir, Sölvhóll
  • Thursday 20.5, 20:00-21:30, Pikslaverk Opening – Páll Thayer and Servando Barreiro, Hafnarhúsið
  • Friday 21.5, 13:00-16:00, Pikslaverk Lectures – Linda Hilfling, Marco Donnarumma, Martin Howse, Servando Barreiro, Juan Parra og Rafael Hidalgo Múgica, Hafnarhúsið
  • Friday 21.5, 20:00-21:30, RAFLOSTi Workshop Performances – RAFLOSTi participants, IAA Visual Art Building
  • Saturday 22.5, 21:00-23:00, Grand Finale – Haraldur Karlsson, Juan Parra, S.L.Á.T.U.R., Monika Frycova, Martinka Bobrikova, Oscar de Carmen and more, Útgerðin


  • Útgerðin is at Grandagarður 16
  • The IAA Visual Art Building is at Laugarnesvegur 91
  • Sölvhóll (IAA Concert Hall) is at Sölvhólsgata 13 (on the Skúlagata side)
  • Hafnarhúsið is at Tryggvagata 17

RAFLOSTi Workshop Leaders:

  • Chris Hales
  • Ilpo Kari
  • Teijo Pellinen
  • Áki Ásgeirsson
  • Jesper Pedersen
  • Margrét Elísabet Ólafsdóttir
  • Sigrún Harðardóttir
  • Ríkharður H. Friðriksson

Raflost+Pikslaverk is sponsored by:

  • The Cirrus Network
  • Iceland Academy of the Arts
  • Iceland Ministry of Culture
  • Office for Contemporary Art Norway
  • SUM – Systematic Understanding of Music
  • Nordisk Kulturfond
  • Iceland Society of Electronic Art
  • Lorna
  • S.L.Á.T.U.R.

Other Events

During the days of RAFLOST there will be other interesting things in Reykjavik as well:

On tuesday the 18th there is a concert of electronic music by students of Kopavogur Computer Music Center. The concert takes place in Salurinn, Kopavogi, about 20 minute bus trip just outside of Reykjavik. [ Sorry, this concert was moved to the previous week, and is not a part of the festival. Two pieces from that concert were featured on the Saturday 15.5. happening at Útgerðin. ]

The Iceland Art Academy music student concerts will be happening during 17.4 – 30.5 2010. An overview of the concerts can be found here. Its in icelandic but you see that people are marked by their instrument names, except “tónsmíðar” means composition and “nýmiðlar” means new-media.

Also, check the Reykjavik Grapevine for various events in the city.

Preliminary Program

Pre-festival workshops:

Friday the 14th of May
10:00-17:00 SUM Workshop, Iceland Academy of the Arts, Lauganesi
20:00 Concert, Tímahrak (IS) together with Lars Graugaard (DK) and Aki Asgeirsson (IS), Útgerðin, Grandagarði 16

Saturday the 15th of May
14:00-16:00 Arduino Workshop – Hakkavélin (Hackerspace Reykjavik)
20:00 Performance ***, Útgerðin, Grandagarði 16

The RAFLOSTi Workshop
Monday the 17th – Friday the 22nd of May
Iceland Academy of the Arts, Laugarnes, Visual Art building.

Goodiepal (DK/Fø)
Monday the 17th, 12:30-13:30, Iceland Academy of the Arts, Laugarnes, Visual Art building.

RAFLOST Lecture 2
Christopher Hales (UK/FIN)
Monday the 17th, 16:00-16:45, Iceland Academy of the Arts, Laugarnes, Visual Art building.

RAFLOST Concert – Piano and Electronics
Magnús Blöndal Jóhannsson (IS): Sonorities I (1963)
Magnús Blöndal Jóhannsson (IS): Sonorities II (1968) – world premiere
Magnús Blöndal Jóhannsson (IS): Sonorities III (1972)
Karlheinz Essl (AT): Kalimba (2005)
Guðmundur Steinn Gunnarsson (IS): New work
Jesper Pedersen (DK/IS): New work
Magnús Blöndal Jóhannsson (IS): Surtur fer sunnan (1965) – Surtsey Volcano Documentary

Piano: Tinna Þorsteinsdóttir (IS)
Wednesday the 19th, 20:00-21:30, Iceland Academy of the Arts, Sölvhóll, Concert Hall

Pikslaverk Opening
Páll Thayer (IS/USA) – Microcodes, lecture
Servando Barreiro (SP) – audiovisual performance
Thursday the 20th, 20:00-21:30, Reykjavik Art Museum / Hafnarhúsið

Pikslaverk Lectures
Linda Hilfing (DK) – Fjernstyring, lecture
Martin Howse (ENG) – island2
Servando Barreiro (SP) – presentation
Marco Donnarumma (SCT) – Golden Shield Music
Rafael Hidalgo Múgica (Tenerife) – Personal Weather Sensation
Friday the 21st, 13:00-16:00, Reykjavik Art Museum / Hafnarhúsið

RAFLOSTi Performance
Projects from the workshop will be presented
Friday the 21st at 20:00, Iceland Academy of the Arts, Laugarnes, Visual Art building

Pikslaverk Workshop
RIXC: Solar Music Workshop and discussions
Saturday the 22nd of May, 11:00-14:30, Útgerðin, Grandagarði 16

Short performances of different artists and art forms
Monika Frycova (CZ)
Juan Parra Cancino (CHL/NL)
Martinka Bobrikova (SVK/SWE) and Oscar de Carmen (ESP/SWE)
Goedipal (DK)
Teijo Pellinen (FIN)
Chris Hales (ENG/FIN)
S.L.Á.T.U.R. (IS)
Marco Donnarumma (SCT) – performance
Haraldur Karlsson (IS/NO) – Creating the now, or does it add something?
Netsky (IS)
Saturday the 22nd of May at 21:00, Útgerðin, Grandagarði 16


RAFLOSTI – a multimedia performance workshop as a part of the electronic art festival RAFLOST.

Iceland Electronic Arts Society (Raflistafélag Íslands) in collaboration with the Iceland Academy of the Arts organizes the RAFLOSTI workshop.

The RAFLOSTI workshop is open for all nationalities and is free of charge.

The workshop takes place in Reykjavik on May 17th – 21th, where participants will work together in groups, leading to a performance. During this week, lectures and performances on the RAFLOST festival (14th – 22th of May) will be available to workshop participants.

The workshop is intended for students of performance based art (real-time art): music, dance, video, experimental theater, multimedia etc as well as professional artists of any age. The goal is to provide a platform for artists of different diciplines to work together using their domain-specific skills in a multimedia environment.


17.5.2010 – 21.5.2009


Reykjavik, Iceland


5 days


max 30 participants


Intermediate / Advanced

Working language


Workshop coordinator

Áki Asgeirsson, teacher of Electronic Music and New Media, Iceland Academy of the Arts.

Workshop Group Leaders

Sigrún Harðardóttir, Ríkharður H. Friðriksson, Margrét Elísabet Ólafsdóttir, Jesper Pedersen, Áki Ásgeirsson.


Participants get acquainted with the technical possibilities of connecting different art forms. Special emphasis will be on electronic and non-electronic interactivity and multimedia. Groups of 5-6 people of different backgrounds will work together with guidance from the workshop leaders in creating new works performed on the RAFLOST festival.

Content and methods

Participants will be presented with various tools for controlling, monitoring and connecting areas of different art forms. Workshop leaders will discuss relationships of different media and introduce their own work and multimedia performances by known artists. The leaders will also provide technical and aesthetic assistance if needed. Participants will share their knowledge of different fields within the group and contribute to the groups documentation of the new work.


Make a short description of your group’s work during RAFLOSTI, including pictures and discussion of ideas and technology used. This material should be uploaded to the Raflost webpage after the final performance.


Students of the Iceland Academy of the Arts will get 2 ECTS for their participation.

All participants will get a certificate stating their participation upon completing the workshop.

Application procedure

Send mail to explaining your motivation to participating in the workshop before march 12th. The email should include a short CV.

Selection criteria

  • Background knowledge in music, visual art, media, theater or other art forms.

  • Interest in cross-disciplinary work.

  • Ability to work in a collaborative and international group.


Some skills in new media tools and technologies are beneficial.


21.3.2010 Application deadline

28.3.2010 Information about the selection

16.5.2010 Arrival to Reykjavik, accommodation etc.

17-21.5.2010 The course itself

21.5.2010 Final performance

22.5.2010 Documentation and review.

23.5.2010 Departure from Reykjavík


Visiting participants will have to arrange their own accommodation.

Please bring with you:

  • If possible, a laptop computer and audiovisual equipment (digital camera, video camera, sound recording equipment, sensors, etc.)

  • Good ideas

  • Ability to work and live in an international group


The workshop is free of charge for all selected participants. The RAFLOST festival or the Iceland Academy of the Arts cannot pay for travel and accommodation for international participants. However, there are various funds that might support participation in the RAFLOSTI workshop. Participants have to be prepared to pay for meals or cook on their own.

More information

Send mail to



Iceland Academy of the Arts –

Reykjavik News –

Bus info –

Reykjavik Webcamera –

Slátur –

Lorna –

Telephone numbers

Iceland Academy of the Arts: +354 5524000

Áki Ásgeirsson: +354 6619731

Ríkharður Friðriksson: +354 8646382

Emergency: 112


The RAFLOST 2010 festival will take place in Reykjavik around 14-22 of May in collaboration with Pikslaverk.

Students interested in the RAFLOSTi workshop should apply before March 21st 2010.

Through Pikslaverk there is an open call for performances, lectures etc. Information will be announced soon.