RAFLOSTI Workshop / Dama IV

Reykjavik 5th – 9th of May


RAFLOSTI – a multimedia performance workshop as a part of the electronic art festival RAFLOST.

Iceland Electronic Arts Society (Raflistafélag Íslands) in collaboration with th

e Iceland Academy of the Arts, Tónlistarkóli Kópavogs, Reykjavik University and Tónlistarskóli Reykjanesbæjar organizes the RAFLOSTI workshop.  Through the DAM

A network, this workshop is open to the participating institutions.  The workshop takes place in Reykjavik on May 4th – 10th, where students will work together in groups, leading to a performance.  During this week, lectures and performances on the RAFLOST festival (6th – 9th of May) will be open to the participants of the workshop.

The workshop is intended for students of performance based  art (real-time art): music, dance, video, multimedia etc.  The goal is to provide a platform for students of different diciplines to work together using their domain-specific skills in a multimedia environment.

Time 4.5.2009 – 10.5.2009

Place Reykjavik, Iceland

Duration 4+2 days

Participants max 30 students

Level Intermediate / Advanced

Working language English

Recognition Students should confirm that the course can be accepted into their studies at their home university.

Workshop coordinators Tomi Knuutila, Lecturer in Digital Media, University of Lapland

Áki Asgeirsson, teacher of Electronic Music and New Media, Iceland Academy of the Arts.


Áki Ásgeirsson, Chris Hales, Davíð B. Franzson, David Yoken, Haraldur Karlsson, Hilmar Þórðarson, Páll Thayer, Ragnar Helgi Ólafsson, Ríkharður H. Friðriksson, Teijo Pellinen, Tomi Knuutila, Þórhallur Magnússon.

Goal Students get acquainted with the technical possibilities of connecting different media in real-time. Special emphasis will be on the interaction between movement, music and graphics. Students learn to use experimental yet simple-to-use sensor technology for artistic purposes. In addition students learn to work in a multidisciplinary and international team. The students work together in groups, creating an installation, performance or interactive experience as the final work.

Content and methods Students will experiment with sensor technologies in controlling visual, spatial and musical elements. Various computer interfaces and software is introduced.  Workshop leaders will introduce their own work and multimedia performances by known artists.  Relationships of media, movement and space are discussed. Small exercises and theory lessions guide the creation of the final work.

Assessment Make a short presentation (5-10 minutes) about an artist, performance or art work which you find inspirational. Presentations are shown on Tuesday 5 May.

Grading Pass or fail

Application procedure Send mail to Tomi Knuutila and Aki Asgeirsson explaining your motivation to participating in the workshop before march 13th.

Selection criteria

Background knowledge in music, dance, art and / or media.

Interest in cross-disciplinary work.

Ability to work in a collaborative and international group.

Prerequisite Some skills in new media tools and technologies are beneficial.


13.3.2009 application deadline

17.3.2009 information about the selection

4.5.2009 Arrival to Reykjavik, accommodation etc.

5-8.5.2009 The course itself

8.5.2009 Final performance

9-10.5.2009 Departure from Reykjavík

Accommodation Visiting students will stay in a youth hostel close to Lauganes, where the workshop will take place.

Please bring with you:

Bed linen or a sleeping bag & towel & personal toiletries

If possible, a laptop computer and audiovisual equipment (digital camera, video camera, sound recording equipment, sensors, etc.)

Good ideas

Ability to work and live in an international group

Costs The students will get a mobility stipend, amount depends on which country the student is coming from. The travel and accommodation are then covered by the students themselves with the money. Participants have to be prepared to pay for meals or cook on their own.

More information Workshop coordinators: Aki Asgeirsson, Karen María Jónsdóttir and Tomi Knuutila.

Links Iceland Academy of the Arts –

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Iceland Academy of the Arts, Visual Art Department

Laugarnesvegi 91, 105 Reykjavík

Reykjavik Youth Hostel

Sundlaugavegur 34, 105 Reykjavík

Telephone numbers

Iceland Academy of the Arts: +354 5524000

Áki Ásgeirsson: +354 6619731

Ríkharður Friðriksson: +354 8646382

Emergency: 112

Raflistafélag Íslands 2009

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