Previous Versions

RAFLOST was first held in May 2007 with lectures and concerts that focused on new technology in electronic music performance. Guests where some of the best respected electronic musicians and scientist in Europe among others, Daniel Arfib, Todor Todoroff, Alain Crevoiser, Mikael Fernström and students in electronic music or new media that came from various Icelandic educational institutions; Iceland Academy of the Arts, Kopavogur School of Music, and Reykjanes School of Music.

In 2008 the main guest at the Raflost festival was Morton Subotnick (, one of the best known American composer of electronic music. Besides his pioneering work using one of the first electronic synthesizers Mr. Subotnick is probably best known for being the first person to compose electronic music specifically for LP in 1967. The piece, Silver Apples of the Moon, is now one of the classics of the electronic music scene.

In 2009 there was an increase in the number of guests and participating institutions. Students from Finland attended the RAFLOSTI workshop along with Icelandic students. The main guests lecturers were Tomi Knuutila, Teijo Pellinen, Chris Hales, Þórhallur Magnusson and Davið Brynjar Franzson. The festival also included performances by electronic artists from Lorna (, Icelandic Society for Electronic Arts ( and S.L.Á.T.U.R. (

In 2010, RAFLOST joined hands with Pikslaverk, the Icelandic member of the Pixelache Network to organize the merged festival RAFLOST+PIKSLAVERK.  This proved to be very successful, increasing the number of international guests considerably and bringing more theoretical focus.  Also, the student workshop, RAFLOSTi, was held with support from the Cirrus network and led by Teijo Pellinen.

In 2011 the focus was on new media, with performances, installations, concerts and screenings.  Artists included Lilián Pineda, Clarence Barlow, Clay Chaplin, Softday, Ninna Þórarinsdóttir and Bradford Blackburn.

2012 was in collaboration with the Reykjavik Art Festival, hosting a joint event with Steina Vasulka, one of the best known Icelandic media artist.  Also, Egill Sæbjörnsson, Ragnar Helgi Ólafsson and the radical lecturer Goodiepal played important roles.

RAFLOST 2013 included a RAFLOSTi workshop in collaboration with the Iceland Academy of the Arts, creating new pieces together with professional artists.  Artists included RIXC, Páll Thayer, Mugison, Luca Brembilla, Reptilicus and Darri Lorenzen.

RAFLOST 2014 hosted an exhibition of students from the Reykjavík University and Iceland Academy of the Arts along the RAFLOSTi workshop performance.  The Festival included a performance by the Norwegian AJO ensemble of a new piece by Hilmar Þórðarson and Haraldur Karlsson.

The main aim of the RAFLOST electronic art festival is to boost the grass root of Icelandic electronic arts by introducing the youngest generation as well as the general public, to the past, present and future of electronic arts. To present the newest in electronic art technology, creation and performance, and therefore be an inspiration for further creativity.