The RAFLOST 2010 festival took place in Reykjavik on the 14th-22nd of May in collaboration with Pikslaverk.

During the festival, Pikslaverk (the Icelandic part of the Pixelache network) hosted lectures with international artists of electronic media, including Linda Hilfling, Marco Donnarumma, Martin Howse, Servando Barreiro, and Rafael Hidalgo Múgica.

Other guests included, Lars Graugaard, Chris Hales, Goodiepal, Haraldur Karlsson, Juan Parra, Monika Frycova, Martinka Bobrikova and Oscar de Carmen.

The RAFLOSTi workshop was hosted by the Icelandic Art Academy as a part of the Cirrus network.  For an overview, please read the workshop description.