Raflosti 2020 consists of four collaborative web art projects by students of Iceland University of the Arts.   when time passes by where does it go? https://youtu.be/lAxqVab0Ydc Brenda El Rayes David Iñiguez Mangado Ísidór Jökull Bjarnason Páll Cecil… Read More

Gunnar Gunnarsson

Gunnar Gunnarsson myndlistarmaður Fæddur í Reykjavík 1949 Ég kynntist myndlist snemma, þar sem faðir minn rak Listvinasalinn (Ásmundarsal; nú Listasafn alþýðu) á 6. áratugnum. Fjölskyldan bjó á neðri hæð húsins en sýningarsalur var á efri hæð. Ég hef… Read More

Julius Rothlaender & Ægir Sindri Bjarnason

– Music for brain surgeons – Experiments with drums, instruments and other things, pt 23. Ægir Sindri Bjarnason and Julius Pollux Rothlaender are friends and musicians based in Reykjavík.

Thor Magnusson & Eiríkur Orri Ólafsson performance

    Thor MAGNUSSON and Eiríkur Orri: Threnoscope and Trumpet Fermata is a piece for a microtonal drone instrument called Threnoscope and an acoustic instrument. It is a framework for improvisation of microtonal music, where both the live… Read More

Thor Magnusson lecture

  Sonic Writing: Technologies of Material, Symbolic and Signal Inscriptions In this lecture I present resent research that explores how contemporary music technologies trace their ancestry to previous forms of instruments and media. I will look at how… Read More

Z & Þorsteinn Eyfjörð

Z is an aspiring electronic composer. You have mainly seen her playing music at the bars in Reykjavik in the night but now is time for a new chapter. Þorsteinn Eyfjörð Þórarinsson (b.1995) is an Icelandic artist currently… Read More


Sound design as a search for novelty:  Anyone online can breed unique sounds at [synth.is] by evolving neural networks and combining them with synthesizer patches.  Interesting sounds can be published so others can further evolve them.  Published sounds… Read More

Daniil Pilchen

Daniil Pilchen is a composer currently working on a series of pieces called “Songs.” Each of these pieces investigates different complications a dialogue between musicians may face. Musicians, deprived of their usual means of communication have to come… Read More

Rebekah Wilson

Rebekah Wilson (New Zealand) is a composer and technologist who has travelled and lived in many new lands and continents over the last two decades, benefiting greatly from the proliferation of the Internet. She was honoured to hold the position of… Read More

Gulli Björnsson

Gulli Bjornsson (b.1991) is guitarist and composer from Iceland. Bjornsson’s music typically blends electronics, acoustic instruments and visuals and has been described as “hypnotic” (News Gazette), “a knockout – wondrously inventive” (Soundboard Magazine) and “Virtuosic … modern, occasionally… Read More

Gabríela Friðriksdóttir

lives and works in Reykjavík. She graduated from the Icelandic College of Art and Crafts in 1997, and in a short time she has come to be a prominent figure within the contemporary Icelandic art scene. Working in… Read More

Monade Li

French architect, film maker, Monade Li lives and works in Paris, France. Her first experimental art video, an underwater shooting by day, “Diatomée” turned into a ‘corps-métrage’ (“body-measurement”) concept. Then came out “Claire Obscure”, an underwater shooting by night and… Read More


Okuma is a duo based in Reykjavik, Iceland. They like to describe their music as post-apocalyptic, sourcing inspiration in reflections about our times. Saxophone and electric guitar are interfaced with modular synthesizers and computers, fed through real-time processing… Read More


GEIGEN is a techno violin performance duo formed in San Francisco, in the fall of 2018, by artist Gígja Jónsdóttir and composer Pétur Eggertsson. They discovered that both of them had quit playing the violin in their adolescence… Read More

Steinunn Eldflaug

A digital art exhibition in 3D featuring a new visual and sonic artwork in a three dimensional world created by Steinunn Eldflaug.

King Karda$hian

New to live-coding King Karda$hian explores the magic of words, symbols, and numbers as they are translated through algorithms into sounds.

Sean Patrick O’Brien

Sean Patrick O’Brien is interested in art as experience and using interactivity to make work that encourages the viewer to become part of the creation process.

Sigríður Birna Matthíasdóttir

Sigríður Birna Matthíasdóttir completed an MA in design exploration and translation at the Iceland University of the Arts last spring. Prior to that, she studied fashion design at Studio Berçot in Paris. Currently, her work involves avatars, virtual… Read More

Dates 2020 & Open Call

The RAFLOST festival will be taking place on the 21st-24th of May 2020 at various venues in Reykjavik.  As a platform for ideas and experiments with new media/electronics/technology/sound/art/performance/feelings/cyber/organism/etcetera the festival will bring together local and international artists. If… Read More