Dimitri Lurie

Dimitri Lurie (born 1970 in St. Petersburg, lives and works in Oslo since 1999) is a film and video artist.

Lurie holds diploma in cybernetics from the State Polytechnic University in St-Petersburg. He has also studied at the Institute of theology and philosophy in his hometown and after moving to Norway was a guest artist at the State Academy of arts in Oslo.
In 1994 Lurie founded in St. Petersburg an independent studio DodoFilm Company. Since then he has produced a number of short, documentary & experimental films along with various video art projects. In 1999, Dimitri was invited to teach film in Norway and relocated his studio to Oslo. Lurie’s film & video work were shown at various TV channels, film festivals and art exhibitions worldwide and have collected numerous awards. His credo is to experement with the visual aspect and atmosphere of film rather than storytelling.

From the artist’ statement: 
My creative profile consists of diverse genres and visual techniques: imaginative photography, cinematographic poetry, documentaries, short fiction films, experimental non-narrative video and spatial video installations.
I’m not a conventional film director, but rather a playful experimenter and innovator in film language, who is in search for new expressive forms to reflect phenomena of being and to question deeper meanings in the different aspects of human existence.
I profess filmmaking principles of the spontaneous cinema that captures and conceptualizes daily life and as the starting point for constructing a movie.
This tradition traces its roots to the direct cinema of the revolutionary artist Dziga Vertov with his observational methods. From the “Kino-Eye” group I have particularly inherited its lyrical use of a documentary footage. I’m interested in subjects that are imagined rather than directly observable. Thus, when some of my works reflect the historical or contemporary social processes passed through the prisms of my artistic perception; others seek to represent the intersections between daily life practices and the imagined connections, and to draw out their metaphysical ramifications.

Home Page: https://www.dodofilm.org

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Sól Ey



Sól Ey (Sóley Sigurjónsdóttir, 1996) is a multidisciplinary artist from Iceland. In her work, she creates multisensory experiences that connect sound, space, movement, light and the body. With a background in composition, her work consists of performances, installations and instruments that emphasise performative interaction, immersion, and participation. Using sensors, DIY electronics, scenography, video projections, and spatial sound, she strives to create a dynamic interplay between objects and perceivers.

In 2021, Sól Ey graduated in composition from the Royal Conservatoire of The Hague. She is currently a research fellow at the Academy for Theatre and Digitality, where she is continuing her research on wearable and gestural electronic instruments.


At Raflost 2022, I will present an instrument-in-progress Hreyfð – a wearable speaker instrument that produces sound using microphones, a gyroscope, and a teensy microcontroller. The instrument is a part of ongoing research linking the physical body and its gestures with electronic music, thus integrating sound and movement. With this new instrument, the body also acts as a physically moving sound object that modulates feedback with gestures.





Monikaze (real name Monika Zenkeviciute):

– born in 1995 Klaipėda, Lithuania. In 2018 finished composition studies at Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre. Since then, pursued career as a composer, electronic music producer and artist, signed with a well-known UK record label Moshi Moshi Records, supported such bands as Algiers, First Hate and Dopplereffekt.
Monikaze music could be described as Avant-pop, combining her raw and manipulated vocals with different electronic and acoustic textures, which are often inspired by a wide range of genres such as IDM, electronica, jazz or instrumental works by post- minimalist composers.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/monikaze__/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/monikazemusic
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/0xHjchro2NMSvOmrEveFfE?si=mW-jFZSCSk2IfoJGri8u2w



Improvised audio-visual performance M.A.P. – Raftlost 2022

M.A.P. is the collaboration between artists Haraldur Karlsson and Litten Nystrøm and a shared platform where the artists embrace the fusion and unfold possibilities between artforms; tactile material and electronic Art, in works which engage with contemporary society and circumstance. Their installations aim to challenge our idea of space and reality to reveal a world beyond our sensory limitations.
Iceland based artist Haraldur Karlsson works with experiments in video art.
Haraldur studied art for 9 years in Iceland and Holland and taught video art for 9 years at the Icelandic Art Academy. In the last 99 years his focus is on commissions, artist co-operation like M.A.P., own research and production of tomorrow’s art-forms.
Danish born artist Litten Nystrøm, studied art and design in Copenhagen and has been living in Iceland since 2011. She was the manager for the Residencies & Projects program at Skaftfell Center for Visual Art; she co- founded the Iceland based artist group RoShamBo; the design label RÓ and FOSS – an artist-run publishing house for artist books of limited editions. Since 2019 she has been teaching at the Fine Arts and Design Department and starting and running a BIO-Lab in LHI Reykjavík.