María Dalberg

is a contemporary artist based in Reykjavík. She studied Fine Arts at Iceland University of the Arts and History at the University of Iceland. She has produced works in various media, including text, performance, and film photography, she is most known for her video art installations.

For her subject matter, she explores different societies and relationships between humans and nature. In her practice, she uses old artifacts and archival work, collects historical accounts, writes fictional and non-fictional stories, and makes use of her autobiographical text and field recordings. She is interested in different technologies, and for each piece of work, she develops methods to manipulate different sound and video images.

María has exhibited her work in different places. She held a solo show at Reykjavík Art Museum (2018), performed at Cycle Music and Art Festival (2018). She exhibited her work at the 5th Moscow Biennale for young art (2016). In summer 2020, she participates in a group exhibition at Tallinn Art Hall.