GEIGEN is a techno violin performance duo formed in San Francisco, in the fall of 2018, by artist Gígja Jónsdóttir and composer Pétur Eggertsson. They discovered that both of them had quit playing the violin in their adolescence after many years of training. The stagnated music education system had scared them off but the violin had a big impact on their lives and they shared the interest to bring the instrument back into their work.

GEIGEN rebels against the classical image of the violin, it is the need to break out of traditional systems, it embraces the violin and attempts to bring it into the future. GEIGEN is an exploration of how to stretch the sonic world of the violin, both keeping the acoustic quality of the instrument as well as using different effects and filters and mixing it with techno creating something other-worldly.

GEIGEN creates transformative concert experiences, called the Geigen Galaxies, where the audience are not only audience but participants and fellow travellers in a spaceship nightclub.

GEIGEN has performed multiple Geigen Galaxies in various venues and festivals around Iceland. Each Geigen Galaxy is a unique experience, constantly developing – both sonically and performatively.