Z & Þorsteinn Eyfjörð

Z is an aspiring electronic composer. You have mainly seen her playing music at the bars in Reykjavik in the night but now is time for a new chapter.

Þorsteinn Eyfjörð Þórarinsson (b.1995) is an Icelandic artist currently living in Reykjavik, Iceland. His practice evolves around time based mediums with focus on sound in dialogue with architectural space and distortion of time.

This is the first performance where Z and Þorsteinn Eyfjörð Þórarinsson merge their sonic worlds together. Their arsenal contains modular synthesis, digital sound manipulation, field recordings and guitar.

In this performance, they will improvise music to the journey a female deep-sea octopus takes to the bottom of the sea to brood. She will stay there to guard her eggs for four and half year without eating, slowly getting weaker and weaker until she eventually dies when the eggs are hatched.