Workshop #1

Making Live Visuals In TouchDesigner

Owen Hindley


We’ll be looking at how to create fun real-time visual machines in TouchDesigner that you can use for VJ performances, installations, or creating motion graphics. 


The workshop will be aimed at people who have some experience and/or interest in image making or visual spectacle – be it drawing, graphic design, video, lighting, stop motion or just wearing a really colourful shirt.


We will aim to cover some or all of the following :

  • Creating controllable 2D graphics from scratch
  • Controlling effects from an audio input or MIDI controller
  • Processing video or webcam feeds
  • Importing 3d models and using them in your work
  • Performing alongside live music.


To end the workshop, we’ll put on a brief sharing for Raflost guests in the style of a Bring Your Own Beamer event (, where we take over a room with a bunch of projectors and cover every available space with moving images. 


You will need to bring :

(Please make sure you run it once before coming to the workshop, to make sure it actually starts up)

  • (Ideally) a projector for the Bring Your Own Beamer sharing.
  • (Optional) Some visual material you’d like to experiment with, e.g. your own drawings, video, 3d models, animations, or just a picture of your cats.
  • (Optional) A MIDI controller or keyboard. 
  • (Optional) A mouse that has a clickable scroll wheel – Touchdesigner is much easier to use with a physical mouse rather than a trackpad.


Date: 20th of May.

  • course 10:00-12:00
  • lunchbreak 12:00-13:00
  • course 13:00-1500
  • food break 15:00-16:30
  • optional presentation at 17:00

Location:, Hafnarhúsinu, Tryggvagötu 17, Reykjavík
Registration:  fill out this registration form
Fee: 6000 krónur
Language: English
Participants: max 12