Tommi Koskinen

Viðey, 26th of May, 13:00  /  Sölvhóll Concert Hall, 26th of May, 21:00

Music Performance Controller
by Tommi Koskinen

Wave-o-Matic is a music performance controller designed to give you more expressional freedom when playing electronic music live sets. It allows you to control external synthesizers and music software with simple hand gestures. The unique visual appearance and the light feedback of the device give your performance a visual style that really engages you and your audience. Wave-o-Matic works with five ultrasonic sensors detecting user hand movements and gestures.

Tommi Koskinen is a musician, sound designer and media artist from Helsinki, Finland. His background is in computer science, media technology and design and he currently studies in the Sound in New Media MA program in MediaLab of Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture. Tommi’s artistic work consists of installations and physical device design to experimental electronic music live performances with Kitkaliitto, and the driving force is his love for sound and storytelling.

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