Sól Ey & Jesus Canuto Iglesias: Material/Matter

Material/Matter is a performance deriving from the work and research of Sól Ey and Jesus Canuto Iglesias. The performance uses sound sculptures of metal inspired by industrial machinery and its undesired artefacts. It explores the sonic and physical relationship of the sculptures and the performer. By playing with light, movements and space the performer is in control of playing the sculptures as instruments, exploring the inherent sound of the industrial and the beauty within the mass of noise.

Jesus Canuto Iglesias is a Spanish multiplatform artist currently living in The Hague. By making use of mediums and technologies he creates installations which experiment with different phenomena derived from the misguided perception of humans. He uses these common dualities or misunderstandings as a main topic in his works. He has a Masters degree in Advertisement and Fashion Photography from TAI University Center of the Arts and a Master Degree in Conceptual photography from EFTI in Madrid. He is currently studying Artscience in the Royal Academy of Arts of The Hague.

Sól Ey is an Icelandic sound artist, performer and instrument maker based in The Hague. Her work focuses on interdisciplinary approach to sound explores the possibilities of interactivity, new media and the connection between sound and space. By composing and creating new electronic instruments she looks for ways to expand the expressional possibilities of musical performance to be visual, physical or interactive. She is currently studying composition and sonology at the Royal Conservatoire of The Hague.