Dalin WaldoOoOoOoo

YOUR LOCAL ELECTRICITY WITCH: Dalin WaldoOoOoOoo an esoteric engineering enthusiast, one of the founders of the neo-fluxus anti-art movement Nægtularism with a big heart for old soviet synthesizers. She/he/they has an x-pertise in eloptic engineering and uses this knowledge in designing more organismic synthesizer interfaces together with SOMA Laboratory. She/he/they is the designer of The Ethermorphic FM Analyzer and the ENNER synthesizer. Which are both machines that can transmit your direct emotional energy and make the operator become a part of the circuitry, becoming one self an Emotional Machine Activator indeed, indeed. X-citing!

Can synthesizers transmit emotional energy, the so-called “eloptic energy”? Can we consider improvisation as a way of conversing with our synthesizers? – and can we build synthesizers in the future based on the understanding of eloptic energy? Thoughts about esoteric engineering, deep listening and the aesthetic of electricity. Followed up by a presentation of the ENNER synthesizer project.