The RAFLOST festival is approaching.  This time the festival will be starting on the 19th of May and ending on the 26th.

Our main guest this year will be one of the pioneers of electronic arts, Steina Vasulkahttp://www.vasulka.org ).  Her performance will be in collaboration with the Reykjavik Arts Festival ( http://www.listahatid.is/ ).

Also, the Raflosti workshop (21-25.may) will be held in collaboration with the Iceland Academy of the Arts ( http://lhi.is/ ).

Since the program is not finalized yet, there is still time to send in proposals for performances and lectures.  If you are interested, please send mail to raflost@raflost.is

RAFLOST is open to all art forms, but since the festival is only one week long and is using many different venues, there is limited time and space for fixed installations.