Arnar Ómarsson

Arnar Ómarsson is an artist and project manager as well as giving talks about project development, cross disciplinary collaborations and fine art. He graduated with a 1st from the University of the Arts’ London in 2011 with a degree in fine art photography and has since been based in Denmark and Iceland by most part. Arnar is the curator of Húsavík Explorer Festival and project manager and co-founder at REITIR in Siglufjörður. In his work he addresses the overlapping area of technology and nature. Anthropology of technology informs his practise as well as his passion for science and human explorations. Favourable mediums include, prints, installations, sculptures, video works and digital/online works.


For RAFLOST Arnar will be collaborating with Sam Rees on a low-tech hack and robot makinge project.