Schedule 2017

Monday 22nd of May – Friday 26th

  • Workshop for students of the Iceland Art Academy, IAA Visual Art Building*

Wednesday 24th of May

  • 13:00 – Troy Rogers presents his percussion robots, IAA Visual Art Building*

Thursday 25th of May

Friday 26th of May

  • 13:00 – Amy Knoles, Electronic Percussion Workshop, Sölvhóll Concert Hall**
  • 17:00 – Student Workshop Performance, IAA Visual Art Building*
  • 20:00 – Amy KnolesMonika Fryčová and Vasco Costa, Sölvhóll Concert Hall**

Saturday 27th of May


* IAA Visual Art Building is at Laugarnesvegur 91


** Sölvhóll Concert Hall is behind Sölvhólsgata 13, in a gray unmarked house, by Skúlagata





Troy Rogers [US]

RobotRickshaw_Lakewalk_iso_2014-10-25_1200px_Melissa-MakiFor over 13 years, composer Troy Rogers’ creative work has focused on the development and exploration of robotic musical instruments as generators of new musical possibilities. As a musical robot maker, he co-founded Expressive Machines Musical Instruments (EMMI), a group of composers dedicated to exploring and expanding the potential of robotic musical instruments. As a Fulbright scholar, he spent time at the Logos Foundation in Ghent, Belgium working with Godfried-Willem Raes and what is perhaps the world’s largest robot orchestra, where he developed a singing vocal robot, Stemmetje. Living the life of an early 21st century semi-nomadic robot herder, he resides in Duluth, MN when not touring the country in the RoboRig, a mobile platform for the development and dissemination of music for robots. He performs on streets and stages alike as Robot Rickshaw. Rogers is also a committed independent educator, regularly presenting lectures and offering Making Music with Robots and STEAM education workshops at universities, galleries, community art centers, makerspaces, and schools throughout the US.

Monika Fryčová [CZ]

meMonika Fryčová is an Czech audio-visual artist, performer and writer based in Seydisfjordur, Iceland, southern Portugal and elswere.
In recent years she has been focused on Iceland due to its intense confrontations of the elements and unique meetings, as a curator of few international projects mainly Czech – Icelandic (ISLANDIA, NoD, gallery SKOLSKA28/Prague, OPEN SPRINGS/Reykjavik, Untitled Festival/Bildudalur,
DIRECTRIX with E. Isleifsdottir etc.)
From 2016 she is co-founder of Open space initiative Blue Factory in Seydisfjordur, east Iceland together with  þorgeir and Sigurbergur Sigurdsson.
She currently works on permanent project Fantasy versus Discipline, The Artist as an Etnographer and organizes intercultural dialogue between Iceland and Mauritius, Czech Republic and Portugal.

Olga Szymula [PO]

olga szymula tallin mim 2 (1)

Olga Szymula is a Polish experimental sound maker and performer. She currently lives and creates her electro-acoustic worlds in Denmark. Her works take forms in concerts, records, film scores, installations and performances.

‘By diving into the ocean of various intensities, qualities and forms she travels the sonic trip
of twisted characters, imaginary landscapes and dramatic turns.’

In music her main intention is to explore the full spectrum of sound and its dynamics, intensities and qualities. She bends and plays around with music forms, combining playful melodies and songs with abstract forms and noises.

The performance is supported by DPA, Danske Populær Autorer


Amy Knoles [US]

18486291_1434160833321361_5252477888670244589_nAmy Knoles has been percussionist for the world renowned California EAR Unit, played solo shows and various collaborations all over the world, as well as teaching percussion at California Institute of the Arts (CalArts) in Los Angeles.

Throughout her career she has increasingly been using electronic percussion instruments and percussive triggering of electronic sound generations. Friday May 26th she’ll be giving a lecture/workshop at the Iceland Academy of the Arts. In the workshop she will demonstrate her equipment and techniques, as well as giving participants hands-on experience. In the evening she’ll perform a concert sharing the evening with Monika Fryčová [CZ] audiovisual artist, performer and writer.

Friday May 26th 13:00: Lecture/workshop

Friday May 26th 20:00: Performance

Both events takes place in Sölvhóll – the concert hall of Iceland Academy of the Arts, Sölvhólsgata 13. Entrance is a back of the house, from the Skúlagata side.

Agnes Ársælsdóttir & Antonia González Alarcón

Captura de pantalla 2017-05-13 a la(s) 11.05.39

Agnes and Antonia are developing a new tool for measuring the impact of presence in a space at a given time.

Agnes Ársælsdóttir is currently studying Fine Art in The Icelandic Academy of the Arts. Her work is often in collaboration with the audience, sometimes to the extent that the piece itself would not exist without them. She has recently been working with sensors that detect movement, making the audience trigger sound.

Antonia González Alarcón is a Chilean artist currently based in Mexico. Her works focus on how people make themselves present in the world and how we can leave a testimony of our existence, through different interactive pieces.

Reykjavik Modular Meet

This year’s Raflost Festival will be hosting a modular meet Saturday May 27th 13:00-17:00.

Do you have a modular synthesizer or are you interested in modular synthesizers and sound synthesis, and electronic music creation in general? Bring your modular, semi-modular, video synth or DIY creation and patch with other modular synthesizer enthusiasts (bring your own little monitor setup and power). There’ll also be opportunity to talk about patching techniques, synthesis techniques, building a modular synth, analog, digital, DIY modules and more. There’ll also be opportunity to do short performances (Stereo PA and video projector in house).


The event will take place at the IAA Music dept. Concert Hall “Sölvhóll” (large gray barrack on the corner of Klapparstígur and Skúlagata). Free entrance.

RAFLOSTi Workshop

The RAFLOSTi student workshop will start on monday 22nd of May and finish on friday 26th with an event of performances and installations at the Iceland Academy of the Arts, Laugarnesvegur 91 at 17:00.

It is open for students through the IAA:

Further information: raflost at raflost dot is