April 2012 archive


IAA, Sölvhólsgata 13, the Raw Hall, 23th of May, 20:00


Danish/Faroese composer, Goodiepal (Gæoudjiparl van den Dobbelsteen) will talk about various radical excursions into computer technology, media art and biking.


Pia Palme

Sölvhóll Concert Hall, 24th of May, 21:30


for mezzo-soprano,
throat microphone and PTT-button,
live-electronics and percussion.
Total length: ca. 34 min.

Texts by:
Margret Kreidl (in German)
Pia Palme (in English)
Anne Waldman (in English)

Libretto by Pia Palme.

Tommi Koskinen

Viðey, 26th of May, 13:00  /  Sölvhóll Concert Hall, 26th of May, 21:00

Music Performance Controller
by Tommi Koskinen

Wave-o-Matic is a music performance controller designed to give you more expressional freedom when playing electronic music live sets. It allows you to control external synthesizers and music software with simple hand gestures. The unique visual appearance and the light feedback of the device give your performance a visual style that really engages you and your audience. Wave-o-Matic works with five ultrasonic sensors detecting user hand movements and gestures.

Tommi Koskinen is a musician, sound designer and media artist from Helsinki, Finland. His background is in computer science, media technology and design and he currently studies in the Sound in New Media MA program in MediaLab of Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture. Tommi’s artistic work consists of installations and physical device design to experimental electronic music live performances with Kitkaliitto, and the driving force is his love for sound and storytelling.

Artist website: http://lab.kitkaliitto.com
More information about Wave-o-Matic: http://tommikoskinen.mlog.taik.fi/works/wave-o-matic/

Jaimes Mayhew

Viðey, 26th of May, 13:00

Autonomous Energy Research Lab

The Autonomous Energy Research Lab is a mobile, human powered research
lab on my bicycle that I am using to collect stories about electricity
production as a part of a larger art-research project in Iceland that
investigates relationships between people, land and energy production.

Ásgeir Aðalsteinsson

Sölvhóll Concert Hall, 24th of May, 20:00

A Sounding

A sounding is a visual monument for sound. To create a sounding, movements of the performer are translated into sound and image with the help of an infrared camera and an infrared pen. The performer can draw music upon an imaginary canvas (or a real one). When the sound has faded away we are left with a sounding representing the history of the performance.

Ásgeir Aðalsteinsson is a composer/sound artist. Born in Iceland but currently living in the Netherlands. Studied compositions at The Iceland Academy of the Arts, Sonolgy at the Royal Conservatoire in Den Haag and electronic music at HKU – Hilversum.   www.asgeiradal.com

Ragnar Helgi Ólafsson

Sound Installation, Sölvhóll, 24th of May, 19:00-22:30

„Þetta er ekki eins erfitt og það kann að hljóma: Bara eins og að draga kristalsglas í lopabandi eftir stórgrýttri fjöru.“


    Composition, Sölvhóll, 24th of May, 20:00

    Samtal án titils


      Eftir að hafa lokið B.A.-prófi í heimspeki frá Háskóla Íslands flutti Ragnar Helgi til Frakklands þar sem hann lagði fyrst stund á nám í kvikmyndagerð í París en snéri sér síðan að myndlist. Hann útskrifaðist frá l’Ecole des Beaux Arts d’Aix-en-Provence vorið 2001. Eftir að hafa gert stuttar leiknar kvikmyndir og hreyfimyndir vinnur Ragnar Helgi nú mest með tölvur og forritun í virkum hljóð- og videóinnsetningum og netlistaverkum. Ragnar Helgi hefur nýlega sýnt í: KIASMA: The Museum of Contemporary Art (Helsinki), Museet for Samtidskunst (Danmörku), Listasafni Íslands (Reykjavík), STEIM-gallery (Amsterdam), Nýló – The Living Art Museum (Reykjavík), Möbius International (Montréal, Kanada) og í Hafnarhúsi – Listasafni Reykjavíkur (Reykjavík).

      Haraldur Karlsson

      Sölvhóll, IAA Concert Hall, 24th of may, 20:00

      How did i get here ?
      an audio/video performance extension from ” Little Solar System ”

      The Little Solarsystem is an audiovisual performance originated by focusing on the rhythmical signals produced by our own little solar system. Taking the speed of time, signals and the location of the present, using human body controllers gives the experiment a view on another dimension. Hard facts are mixed with fantasy. As a work in progress based project, things can go to unexpected galaxies. The Little Solar system is prepared. Might there be a change to see and hear enlighten dark matter ?